Financial planning services offered by Galligan Financial Advisors are entirely fee-only. The goal of a fee-only planner is to increase a client’s net worth over time, as opposed to selling products that brings a one-time commission. 
Fees are determined based on the amount of work, range of services, and client assets under management.  We can give our clients peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are operating with their best interests in mind at all times.

Individual fee schedules exist for each area of specialized work offered by Galligan Financial Advisors :

Investment Advisory Fees 
CPA / Tax Planning & Preparation Rates 
Subject Area Planning Rates

The minimum initial annual fee is $250/quarter (per individual or family) for the first year of service, and $1,000 per year thereafter.  The fees can come from any combination of investment advisory, financial planning and/or tax work for an individual or family.  Investment advisory accounts of $100,000 or more automatically satisfy the minimum fee criteria after the first year of service.  A portion of the financial planning fee is payable upon signing a Financial Planning Agreement with Galligan Financial Advisors with the balance due upon delivery of services for financial planning engagements. Investment advisory accounts with less than $50,000 in assets may optionally be charged a nominal set-up fee. 

Galligan Financial Advisors will bill your account quarterly for all services rendered.  Financial planning, tax planning and tax preparation services are offered at a discount for clients who retain Galligan Financial Advisors on an on-going basis.  Financial planning fees are reduced for clients who have satisfied the minimum annual retainer amount. Clients can expect reduced fees for tax preparation and financial planning services when they have assets under management with Galligan Financial and their total annual billings exceed the base retainer amount.  

This arrangement serves to ensure that there is on-going professional communication between Stephen Galligan and his clients which benefits both parties:

  • Clients have on-going access to a Certified Public Accountant & a Tax Attorney who are familiar with their financial needs for tax planning and preparation services;
  • Formal tax planning sessions are scheduled annually; informal sessions can be initiated by a client at any time based on individual needs and circumstances;
  • Clients have “one stop financial shopping” for consistent investment advisory, financial planning and tax related advice without having to maintain professional relationships with multiple financial professionals; and
  • We are able to maintain on-going communication with clients as part of his normal course of business (a key element to developing a successful financial planning service) without having to burden clients with lengthy data collection forms or meetings.