Client Questionnaires

Our client questionnaires are designed to collect financial information that is needed for a single subject area plan, or a comprehensive financial plan that addresses several planning areas.  Examples of subject area planning efforts that require financial data collection include: investment portfolio review, retirement, estate &/or education planning.

The financial planning questionnaires consist of five data collection forms that compliment each other and are cumulative in scope. Access any of the questionnaires by double clicking "Data Entry" for the desired form. The Data-Entry forms allow you to enter data on-line.  The Data-Entry forms are PDF files that can be saved on your local computer and e-mailed or faxed to Galligan Financial for our review.  

  1. Family Information Questionnaire: (Data Entry)
    Required for all planning activities - Client Information, employment, key contacts, & financial planning goals.
  2. Sources of Income: (Data Entry)
    Required when tax returns are not readily available – A “one-page” summary of income sources when copies of tax returns are not needed.  
  3. Personal Assets & Liabilities: (Data Entry)
    Required for all planning activities - Summary descriptions of assets (cash, financial assets, retirement assets, personal property real estate, insurance, business interests, and notes due) & liabilities (mortgages, unsecured debts, and miscellaneous financial obligations) that together describe net worth for a client.
  4. Retirement Planning Questionnaire: (Data Entry)
    Required exclusively for retirement planning exercises – Includes information specifically related to at a client’s anticipated retirement.
  5. Estate Planning Questionnaire: (Data Entry)
    Required exclusively for estate planning exercises – Includes information related to a client’s revised or new estate plan.  Click Estate-Planning-Glossary for an abbreviated glossary of estate planning terms and definitions.  We are always available to answer questions you might have regarding any of the forms.