Financial Planning Websites 


The Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards prohibits client testimonials in any advertising format that includes web sites.  And still there is a need for financial information that is available to the public in an environment where there is often a distrust of "Wall Street" and fear of the I.R.S. that makes individual research daunting!

There are fortunately plenty of financial web sites that are reputable and provide updated information.  Here are a few for individuals who want to do their own research. Happy Surfing.

Financial Calculators Calculators
Saving Calculators
Bloomberg Calculators
CNN Calculators

Geneal Financial Planning
Free Financial Advice

PBS Right On The Money
MonsterMoving (Home values, moving site)
Auto Prices -

Credit Checkup
Equifax Credit Check
Myvesta Debt Management

Experian (888-397-3742) 

Retirement General Information
Social Security Pensions
Social Security Income Estimator
Best Places (Retirement Locations)

Retirement Planning
403bWise  (403b/457 info site)
Withdrawal 4% Retirement New Rules

Estate Planning
Financial Estate Planning

Health Care Information
State Healthcare Data